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  • Japanese Traditional Tattoos

    Irezumi, horimono, shisei

    The current style of traditional Japanese tattoos originated from the ukiyo-e prints of Kuniyoshi in the 19th century and flourished as a popular culture.
    Despite facing several government prohibitions, it has persisted to this day.
    Until the 20th century, tattoos in Japan were primarily associated with outlaws known as yakuza, but with the decline of the yakuza industry and the increasing recognition of Japanese tattoos overseas, it has regained its status as a mainstream culture.
    At Hanabusa Studio, we offer a diverse range of Japanese tattoos led by Japanese Artist Toshihide (by Tebori) as well as artists from Spain, Sweden, and Brazil (machine work).
  • The art of Tebori by Toshihide

    The art of Tebori by Toshihide

    Tebori is a traditional Japanese tattooing technique where needles, handmade and attached to bamboo or stainless steel rods, are used to carve tattoos.
    By penetrating the skin slightly deeper with each needle stroke, vibrant colors achieved through Tebori tend to remain vivid longer compared to machine tattoos.
    It also produces a distinctive sound during the process.
    Although it may appear painful, te-bori generally involves less discomfort than machine tattooing, as it applies less pressure to the skin.
    However, the process typically takes 1.5 to 2 times longer to complete than machine tattooing.




  • Toshihide


      I learned these traditional tattooing techniques for over ten years from my master Horitoshi First in his studio in Tokyo.

      This style of tattooing has fascinated and inspired me since over 20 years as I'm working as a tattoo artist.

      Being part of the Horitoshi First Tattoo Family, my aim as a tattoo artist is to maintain many of the old techniques and mythologies of Japanese tattooing, and offering these in my studio in Berlin- Kreuzberg and internationally. «
  • Resident Artist Antonio

    Resident Artist Antonio
    • » works with coil tattoo machine

      I am a Spanish-born artist who has been drawing since childhood. At the age of 13, I ventured into graffiti art and later pursued a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca, where my passion for tattooing began to flourish. In 2012, I officially began my journey as a tattoo artist.

      Throughout my artistic career, I have developed a keen interest in traditional techniques and classic designs. However, it was the allure of Japanese-style tattoos that captivated me the most. The rich history and symbolism behind these tattoos fascinated me, igniting a desire to dig deeper into this art form.

      With the goal of honing my skills and learning from the best, I sought to work alongside Toshihide, a renowned japanese traditional tattoo artist. It was essential for me to acquire a strong foundation in Japanese-style tattoos, and working alongside such a talented artist was an incredible opportunity to do so.

      Since October 2022, I have been actively working at Hanabusa Studio, where I continue to pursue my passion for Japanese-style tattoos. With every tattoo, I aim to infuse authenticity, intricacy, and a deep appreciation for the art form into my work.

      If you're seeking a tattoo artist who is skilled in traditional techniques, but particularly specializes in Japanese-style tattoos, feel free to visit Hanabusa Studio to witness my artistry firsthand. «
  • Resident Artist Petter

    Resident Artist Petter
    • » works with coil tattoo machine

      My name is Petter Ydmark and  I am originally from Sweden. That's where I started tattooing in 2010. After 6 years I moved to Berlin where I now live and work. Though I always aim to be skilled in all styles of tattooing, lately I've been doing a lot of fineline black and grey work.

      However it is the Japanese style that has me hooked since the start. I've dedicated my career to diving deeper into the world of Horimono with a Scandinavian touch.

      I happily take on any tattoo projects big or small with passion! «
  • Resident Artist Vinicius

    Resident Artist Vinicius
    • » works with rotary tattoo machine

      Vinicius Crisântemo, originally from Brazil, is a highly skilled tattoo artist specializing in Japanese tattoos. He began his tattooing career in 2005 in Brazil, which has the largest Japanese community outside of Japan. Since then, he has also traveled to South America, Europe, and Japan as a guest artist in various tattoo shops.

      In São Paulo, Brazil, Vinicius owns and operates his own tattoo studio called Wabori Temple. The studio is known for its talented team of artists who specialize in Japanese tattoos. Vinicius himself has a unique style and approach to Japanese tattoos, heavily influenced by the Hungarian Japanese tattoo master, Ivan Szazi.

      Vinicius's work often features dragons, animals, flowers, and Buddhist motifs, reflecting his love for nature, Japanese gardens, and his personal philosophy of life. He is particularly skilled in working with machines and is capable of creating large-scale projects such as sleeves, back pieces, and the traditional horimono bodysuit.

      Currently, Vinicius Crisântemo is based in Berlin, Germany, and is a resident artist at the Hanabusa Studio. «


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